Well. It has been a while. Thank you for sticking to my blog if you have read before. If not, welcome. I will post again. Eventually.

So, since I last wrote, we moved to a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I have begun work again as a carpenter, after working for a month driving around 2 hours to work every day, an Army buddy helped me line up a job through family. I never thought I would be working in that field again! It’s been fun, but not what I expected to be doing when we moved up here. This move has been good, we had been up several times a year since we moved here four years ago. Christmas was really strange, because we woke up and weren’t sure what to do. We really got used to waking up with my wife’s family all downstairs, not in our own apartment! But ten minutes later, and we were there.

In other news, I haven’t done as much reading as I had been last Summer. But I renewed my A+ by taking some online classes in Windows 10. I am on a break from work towards my degree, after recently starting full-time work again. I have had several customers in my computer business. One was a laptop repair, another was a operating system reinstall.

There are a couple big things moving in our lives right now: My wife and I have planned to adopt since before we married (six years ago now), and are working towards adopting a little girl from Oregon. We are also working on our second home purchase. A three acre farm, about five miles from where we live now. It’s been a little rough. Because it’s old, there are things that are not up to code that need to be fixed. I will definitely be writing more about these two things as more happens.


Any thoughts? I'd like to hear from you!

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