January Reading #2

I am continuing to progress in Tim Challies’ 2016 Visual Theology Reading Challenge. I am working in the “light” section:

  • a book your pastor recommends (Taking God at His Word, Kevin DeYoung)
  • a book about a current issue (Future Crimes: Everything Is Connected, Everyone Is Vulnerable, and What We Can Do about It)

And actually in the “avid” category:

  • a book with a Fruit of the Spirit in the title (The Law of Kindness, Mary Beeke)

My thoughts on the books

Taking God at His Word

A thought to tie my reading together. In this book, the author talks about a conversation with someone who did not believe the same thing he did about the Bible, and that without common belief, the conversation was frustrating for both of them. Sunday in church we recited the Nicene Creed, and I thought about the section in the Bohnhoeffer book that he talks about dealing with a church that had different ideas on association with the NAZI government. The point is that fellowship is based on a common bond.

Future Crimes…

I was reading something on the CIA’s FOIA webpage, regarding Vietnam (in the historical collections section), and noticed an Intelligence in Public Media page. This was something listed, and sounded pretty interesting. The outlook seems bleak, based on the part that I have read so far. Over the last few years, data breaches are becoming more frequent (the reality is probably that organizations are more aware of them than they were before).

The Law of Kindness

I am reading this one because I have been thinking, along the lines of a need for wisdom, I am not the most kind person I know, and it sounded like a really interesting title and topic. It has given me lots to think about. The big idea I have gathered in the reading done is that not being kind is being unkind.

My reading has slowed down lately because of school. I started the semester taking a Linux/UNIX class (a different operating system, if you didn’t know already), and an American Sign Language class. Last week I started Intermediate Algebra. I’m thinking about getting a really small, cheap computer that I can run Linux on, whenever I do, I’ll definitely put something here about how that goes.



Any thoughts? I'd like to hear from you!

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