New Year, New Ideas

I realize I have not posted anything on my blog in a while.

The reasons for that are twofold. One: I have been extremely busy keeping up a decent GPA in school, which is down to one more semester, and one more class after that (the one thing that got lost in the busy of last fall). On top of that I am still married and will continue to be married for the remainder of my life – which is less than half over. I have also finally finished an adoption home-study. We went with one  agency and it was not a good fit for us, so we started over, which took some time. And reason number two: I am developing focus in my life. When I started this blog, I wasn’t even in school, I just had the idea that I wanted to go into technology when I did get into school. So I’ve been having trouble keeping up the ideas I started out with.

Now for the ideas.

I continue to have an interest in reading, which seems to be focused (over the course of my life as long as I can remember) on the history of the US military from Vietnam to the present. I also continue to have an interest in computers, which is another that has existed as long as I can remember.

I started out the year thinking about what I would do with my – basically defunct – blog. Some of the thoughts I’ve had revolve mainly around the fact that as I read, I learn nothing unless I think about what I read.

The point of that is to say two things: my goals with this blog are to write about my thoughts about the many things that I read. Also to write about my journey in life, both as a man with lots to learn, and as a professional.




Any thoughts? I'd like to hear from you!

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