New Year!

Last night, my wife asked me about my favorite part of the year. I’m still not really sure what that was. This was a hard year: I hadn’t worked at the beginning of the year for a couple months. We failed at one attempt to get a house. But, those things are fixed! I’ve had this job since February, and can keep working through school, which will start in two weeks. We have a small house in a small town. It’s so quiet! Also, we’re preparing to adopt. not sure how, but it’s coming together slowly.

So, there are the highlights of my year. What was your favorite part of this last year? Have a good 2014. Feels funny to say that when I remember the 90’s. I was reading in Tolkein’s various books. Elrond said something about the destruction of Thangorodrim (Morgoth’s place, I think), in the first age, and mentioned he could remember it. At least I’m not THAT old (the 2nd and 3rd ages were around 6500 years, end of the 3rd was the Council of Elrond).


Any thoughts? I'd like to hear from you!

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