Something to Think about on Memorial Day

I like playing games. I’ll just mention a quick little bit about a game, and a book. Something you should look at (the book, that is 🙂 ). Another Wikipedia link, of course, for Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. With all the FPS games out there, we should all really appreciate that this one was, if I remember right, even intended to be accurate. The battles in the game are all real places, using real equipment. I learned about a place called Tarawa in there, and found a book about it back in 2007 when I wasn’t in the Army. I had lots of time to read that Summer, and did some reading on military history. I think it was 8 or 10 books. The one I’m thinking of is called One Square Mile of Hell, by John Wukovits, a naval historian. It’s tough to read the book, but good. I’d never heard of the place before I played the game, and then I found out that there were several thousand wounded and dead in a 3 day battle there.

My point is not to depress you today, just to inform you that there are people we should never forget in enjoying our long holiday weekends and parades.


Any thoughts? I'd like to hear from you!

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