My 50 Cent Cell Phone Case

My Tools

Here’s most of the tools I used. Needles on each end of the lacing for a little bit.

I made a cell phone case out of leather remnants from Hobby Lobby. (it might have cost even less than fifty cents!) I thought I was making a simple pair of shoes, which might come up later, but it was too ambitious a project. I’ve never made anything with leather. I can barely even sew on my own buttons! I bought a rotating punch, some needles, and some leather and lacing. All I did was cut a piece slightly taller than my phone (to allow for the thickness), and wrapped it around and added a little for the edge. Then I punched down the side, and accross the bottom. I’d post a tutorial about how to do it, but I don’t really have much solid information to post. I found a couple youtube videos on ‘how to saddle stitch’. That’s what I intended. If I understand it correctly, you run the thread through both sides of a hole, and make a knot for every hole in the stitch. I’m sure sometime soon I’ll understand how to do it and be able to. I ended up just running the lacing through the hole and pretending to make knots sometimes. I don’t quite understand it, but I’ll learn. And maybe I can teach you all something. So, for you minecrafters, try making something for real out of leather, but don’t try making a breastplate or helmet. That might be just a little too ambitious. 🙂

Suede Cellphone Case

My black suede cellphone case, inside out to show the stitching. 

On my belt

Here’s how it looks on my belt.



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