Yes, I am using a weird word. I guess it means ‘a temporary stay’ according to We made some temporary arrangements to get a place to stay while I continue to look for work. I’ve had two interviews, both went well, just waiting to hear back for sure on one of them, while I try to keep my sanity and apply for other jobs. I’m finding it very hard to focus on applying for jobs while I wait to hear from one that seems to be going somewhere. That didn’t help me before, so I’m trying to balance being optomistic with being realistic.

While I sat at my computer earlier I saw a doe and her fawn that hang out around here. They were drinking at a peninsula about 100 feet out from the edge of the river we’re on. I got to the edge of the river and took a couple pictures before they ran away. I was hoping to catch the Blue Heron who is also out on the river consistently. It flew away before I could get a clear picture.

That’s all for now…


One thought on “Sojourners…

  1. Praying for you Jeremy and hope things work out very soon for you and Faith. I think you both of you each day and wonder how things are going. Keep your chin up!! Love, Gram…

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