Minecrafters Anonymous

I’d like input from those Minecrafters reading this post!

What’s your favorite creature in Minecraft?

I really like trying to create animal farms. I haven’t had much success, but I’ve made some fence, and fence gate. One of the worlds I had a cow walk into my house. That was the perfect opportunity to farm. I haven’t played in a week because I’ve got a job to find. But that was my last project, actually. I like the chicken the most though, although I seem to have started a dairy farm (1 cow, but it’s a start šŸ™‚ ). The chicken is a source of feathers, and (remarkably) chicken. They also regularly lay eggs, which I hear can hatch chickens, but I haven’t been able to make it work.

On another note, here’s two postsĀ from someoneĀ in New Zealand who has crocheted a pig, and a wolf. Original designs too!


3 thoughts on “Minecrafters Anonymous

  1. Chicken eggs have a 1/8 chance of spawning a chicken when thrown. They are also a component in Cake, but I don’t think they have a use. Throw them by right clicking, and, if you have enough eggs, you can get chickens. If you give cows, pigs, or sheep (it might work with wolves and chickens, but I don’t think it does) wheat, then a second, they will breed. That can be useful for farms, but be careful to keep them away from the edge of your enclosures when breeding, because the baby animal may spawn outside the fence. A fenced off set of enclosures with a second fence around the entire thing can stop anything from getting out, so I recommend doing that.
    I don’t know too much about animal farming, the above is all I know, but I hope it can help!

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