National Poetry Month: Jared’s Tale of Steve

This was written by my youngest brother Jared, about a game called ‘Minecraft’. There’s the link for those who are not enlightened to the joys of building a virtual world, and having it blown apart by monsters without arms.

The Ballad of Steve


A story I’m about to tell

The tragic tale of Steve

And all the sorrows he befell

When he his house did leave.

 So on that day he left his home

To find what things he may,

And through the forest he did comb,

But soon he lost his way.

To fletch the arrows for his bow,

He chased and caught a hen.

And when he thought that he should go,

He knew not where he’d been.

He searched for hours his path to find,

And soon the night did fall.

He heard a sound of strangest kind,

An undead’s rasping call.

He quickly made a house that night,

A shelter from his foe.

He put a mushroom down just right,

And then he made it grow.

And since he made his house anew,

He heard not any sound.

He woke with strength and will to do,

But in the forest bound.

He left his house to find his nest

And morning went by fast,

He left the way that he thought best

Through forests oh so vast.

He came across a cave that day, 

Inside he saw a light!

He hoped he’d been inside before,

and thought, Oh, I just might!

He went inside, and saw that light,

The light from lava came

The lava was a brilliant bright,

And let of white hot flame.

So to the Taiga Steve had gone,

To find new parts of land.

Two wolves he fed a piece of bone,

They ate them from his hand.

So in the depths his pick he swung

To find what ores he could,

And down so deep his pick he flung.

And diamond find he would.

He stood in awe, that diamond shone,

It was the first he’d seen.

So in that cave, the deep unknown,

His senses not so keen.

 Excitement blinded him that night,

‘A diamond for my sack!’

impacted so much by the sight,

He never watched his back.

He finally dug that diamond out,

It shone as bright as day.

An undead archer drave him out,

Again he lost his way.

I thought it was good as poetry, and it was really neat to have him tell me, when I asked how to title it, that ‘it’s in the correct form to be a ballad.’

P.S. This is it’s current form. It’s a work in progress, and he said it could go on as a pretty long poem. I told him he could make it a 3000 line epic, entitled ‘Steowulf’. 🙂


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