Funny Stories about Our Cat

Someone asked me yesterday if our cat still did things like on my last post about her, scratching her bell-infused collar. So, I’ll let you all know, she’s in a better place… with some friends in New York on a farm. My brother gave us Toolah as a kitten, and had her outside. So she was an outside cat.

But, for the funny stories. First, we decided to get her a laser pointer. The best one with that was when I shined it on the door, up a little past the doorknob. She’d start just jumping trying to get to the dot, and after that didn’t work, she sprinted across the room to jump up to reach it. Another time I made circles about 4 feet around. She chased the dot as fast as she could go, which is actually pretty fast. She had a little scratching post with a disc on top, and we shined the laser on the wall where she could see it, and she’d follow it under the disc until she couldn’t see it anymore and start looking everywhere for it. Another good one was pointing at the ceiling. She’d spend lots of time trying to figure out how to get up to it.

We went to Michigan for Christmas from New York last year. For the trip, we left our cat at the apartment and had some friends in another building across the street watch her. We had some boxes we were saving for when we moved out piled up in our laundry room, where her food and the litter box were. One of the times they came by the house to check on her there was a muffled meow from in the laundry room, because she’d got herself stuck in one of the boxes. And when we came home we had a candle on the floor. We had it hanging on the wall beside our fish tank, which was on a table. The candle was about a foot over and another foot up the wall by the fish tank. She liked to drink water from the fish tank, and we think she decided the candle looked interesting and jumped onto the holder for it. She liked to investigate things all the time.

That’s all I’ll post about her, for now. 😉


Any thoughts? I'd like to hear from you!

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