Windows Developer Begininnings!

I’ve been interested in computers for a while. I mentioned my job search like once or twice, at least :). I’ve spent some time talking to people about looking for work, and am considering going for an IT related degree. It hit me on vacation that I’ve been working with computers in some capacity for about 20 years now! I started out on the Apple II+ (I think it might have been a clone). Then my dad talked to his friend who did our computers, and I got my first IBM! It had an Intel 386 Processor, but it was great back then. But in the transition from a text-based operating system on the Apple, to Windows, I lost my ability to program anything at all. I used to know how to program, at least a little, on the Apple (I think it’s kind of exciting to be able to use BASIC for the Parallax microcontroller, because it’s what I started programming with). I had a version of C++ at one point before I went off to college (that was almost 10 years ago now.). But I couldn’t figure it out very well.

Recently, I decided I’d try Windows programming again. I downloaded the Microsoft Visual C# Express, and C++ Express, and tried some things. I haven’t been able to do anything too exciting yet (at least in your mind, being able to make a window that opens, and contains a button that says ‘close’ and works is exciting to me right now šŸ™‚ ). But, everything I do is a start. I don’t know how to use the full capabilities of the software, but it’s capable of using data from spreadsheets! That seems like some serious capabilities to me (what do I know, really, I just started this stuff). Lest you think all I’ve actually done is make a window that will open and close, a little more on what I’ve actually done in C#:

  • using the ‘this.Close()’, made my window close by addingĀ it to the section of the code referring to what a button does. The nice thing about these languages is that some of the commands sound like English.
  • used an open file dialog to make my program open text files (something like Microsoft’s ‘Notepad’, only a little simpler and clunkier-looking).
  • set up my text-editor to allow you to saveĀ a file.

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