Writing Number 1…

Sunday, April 8 2012

Here goes the beginning of my practice writing/online sort-of-journal/attempt at consistent blogging. 🙂

I’m actually writing this on Saturday afternoon, but I’ll probably continue a little before I post tomorrow. We (my family of 3, without the dog, and my brothers-in-law) are going to a nearby coffee shop so that Faith and I can see it. We’ll have to leave at 5 to allow for 1 hour time-travel (it’s in Central Time). I haven’t had a very busy week this week. I spent hours working on resumes and other work stuff. I tried to fix a couple little things and failed. I did manage to fix something on my car!

Since we got the car (a 2001 Jetta TDi (can't leave out that it's a diesel, I'm proud of our car. 🙂 ), I've started to gain a little confidence as a mechanic.

I grew up afraid of grease. The latest problem was the heater blower motor. I had just fixed the heater control light, which meant pulling the fan switch off, but I tore apart the whole dash instead. I learned how it went together. Always a good excuse to take something apart. Back to the point, the blower motor… I had to go to a town 2 hours away on a cold day, so I turned the heat on, and it was cold. So, I took the interior apart again to troubleshoot before I knew it was the motor. I found the relays on the floor by the steering wheel. They were too hard to pull out, so I figured testing other things made sense. The motor was behind the glove box. So I pulled it out, and connected it right up to a battery to see if it worked then. It didn’t. Simple to find, sort of (I had a little trouble, because troubleshooting isn’t a skill I’ve really learned yet). I ended up ordering a fan, and getting it in a couple days. It was really easy to put back together, after gutting the interior twice like I did. So now we have heat for our trip to the coffee shop! 🙂

Here's what I had to take out.

I’ve also done alot of thinking about this blog. I think it finally has a direction and purpose. You can see my features tab to see about that. 🙂


Any thoughts? I'd like to hear from you!

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