Should I…

I’m just looking for some input. I’m not too consistent on this blog, I’m sure you’ve noticed. 😉

Starting to think that maybe I should keep going with the ‘tech’ theme I’m kinda giving my blog. Maybe I’ll just post a project every ?Thursday? And my writing isn’t very good right now. I’ve just made a quick kinda lazy ‘blurb’ I think is the word… or maybe it’s ‘tweet’ 🙂

I was kind of challenged by reading another blog in the last few days whose title sounded funny, but her writing was consistent. Good, interesting, and funny material in every post! I was impressed.

Input would be nice, if there’s something about the posts I’ve written that should definitely keep up, I could add that to my ‘challenge’, and find a time to keep the posts going.




Any thoughts? I'd like to hear from you!

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