An Update…

Dear Readers…

For those of you who have read, and those who haven’t, my blog, I’m now out of the Army. 4 years of experience… I’ve seen that line several times on my dozen or so resumes I’ve written up lately. I’m working on the new adventure of finding a new job! I’ve spent some spare time helping my father-in-law wean calves and other little farm help. I’ve also taken apart and reassembled my laptop several times. Failing to fix the speaker problems both times. But, I’ve learned how laptops are put together. I’ve got some pictures that have been sitting in a folder waiting for a post since February, so that project should get posted soon. It’s a  386 IC Audio amp circuit, that actually got an audible output from an iPod! 🙂

Other than the job search and trying to stay busy, I’m learning to be a Michigander, and just asked my wife what the word was. 🙂 So, I’m getting there. The first time I was up here I called a town ‘Pesh-tee-go’, and found out right away it’s said ‘Pésh-ti-go’ (emphasize the first syllable). I don’t really feel like I’m from around here at all. But I’m learning. Also transitioning from a guy growing up around 15K people, and never really lived outside of a town like that or even bigger, to a country guy. That’s some changes! Since getting married, I’ve learned to become more efficient with trips to town, and we lived in Gouverneur, NY, a town of several thousand, so not too big. We were making weekly or so trips down into Watertown, NY.

Enough writing here. I have a resume to improve! 🙂
Bye for now, thanks for reading.



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