I Took the Long Road…

Today I got off a little early, and wanted to do a little exploring. It looked like it might rain, and Faith and I haven’t had many evenings at home eating lately because of my work schedule. So I did my exploring on the way home.

We did a trip to this lake during the winter, and I’ve wanted to explore it since.

Here's a picture from Faith's blog of the lake I'm talking about.

 (Courtesy Faith Sandahl Photography)

I also went to see Pulpit Rock, right on the other side of CR-22.

This Is My Route

Payne lake is hard to find online, a little, but it’s worth a trip up to it if you’re in the area. 🙂

If I can find more, I’ll post it later, but I’m having trouble finding what I’d seen before. 😐

I forgot at first… the reason for the title is that my route usually takes 35 minutes (I take 11 from Ft Drum to Gouverneur) and today it took me an hour. 🙂


3 thoughts on “I Took the Long Road…

  1. So now I can say I saw your blog. I like it, I wish I had the money and a reliable vehicle to do random driving around. My life is too dull.

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